Zoning Ordiance & Search

To learn more about zoning, review Carroll County Code Chapter 700 ZONING.
To search property information, including zoning, use the free version of our County Assessors Website.

If you have questions about the Carroll County Zoning Code, please email or call using the department contact information provided.  

The Carroll County Board adopted Zoning Code Chapter 700  to promote and protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of the county.  Zoning regulates land use and the location of improvements on property.  The unincorporated area of the county is divided into zoning districts.  There are 10 different types of standard zoning districts in Carroll County, including:  Agricultural, Business, Commercial, Industrial 1 and 2, Airport, Residential 1 and 2, Recreational and Mobile Home Park.   Certain types of uses are allowed in each district. Citizens of the county should be aware of the zoning of any property of interest to make sure it fits with their long term use goals.  You can apply for your zoning be amended (changed) through a process of public hearing and approval by the county.  There is no guarantee that the zoning change you are requesting will be approved.

Zoning jurisdiction start and stop at city limits.  If you have any zoning questions for inside the city limits, you will need to contact the city and work within their zoning regulations.

Local government zoning regulations and powers are enacted by State Statue Illinois Compiled Statutes (55 ILCS 5/Div. 5-12).