LAND SUBDIVISION AND PLAT ADMINISTRATION. The Zoning Department is charged with regulating the division of land in the unincorporated areas of the county.   It is the responsibility of the department to ensure that the Illinois Plat Act Law is adhered to.  The county has also adopted rules and requirements for the division of property (a new property created from a larger piece). For example, each Zoning District has a designated lot size, minimum acreage and road frontage/access requirement.

Instances of property division that do not meet county requirements will result in non-conforming illegal lots that cannot obtain building permits for legal development.  Such properties may also have complications with insurance and financing.  It is important that land division requirements are followed to avoid these complications.  When in doubt contact the zoning department to check the status of a property to confirm it is in legal standing or to review the division before surveying and recording.

In some instances there are further options to subdivide land using the Carroll County Residential Subdivision Ordinance.

Please use the following link to view a brief summary of the recent 2 acre residential lot size exemption created in the Agricultural District as well as a summary of the IL Plat Act.