APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Building, Demolition, Address Requests, Agricultural Land Development (LESA), Sign Permits and Guest Home (Short-term Residential Rental) License. Additional applications will be available in the future.  If you are looking to make an application for a change in zoning, building setback, special or temporary use, please review Building & Zoning Menu listed on left.

How do I know if AND when I need to file an application?  County applications apply to all areas within Carroll County, IL but outside an incorporated city or village. County jurisdiction includes all rural areas and subdivisions, including but not limited to: Lake Carroll, Riverview, Walkers, Hill Crest, Fox Wood, Carroll Heights, Fawn Valley,  Stone Field, County Squire, Hansons, Wacker, Argo Fay, Lynwood, Gibsons and Grandview.  To review more information about when a Building Permit is or is not required, please read Chapter 360 Building Regulations. Questions can also be discussed by phone or email.

Applications can be made online using the ONLINE APPLICATION LINK provided above.  Applications can also be started by phone by dialing 815-244-0284.  Walk-ins are also welcomed but encouraged to call ahead to check for availability.  Please review SUPPORT DOCUMENTS BELOW for examples of what will be asked of you when submitting an application.  Incomplete applications cannot be reviewed and may fail to submit.  An invoice with payment instructions will be sent after submitting.  An online payment option is available.

SUPPORT DOCUMENTS REQUIRED. *please read carefully and call with any questions.

As a part of making an application you will be required to upload, email, mail or deliver supporting documents.  Please read through the list and determine what documents will be required for your application. It is recommended that you have these documents ready before beginning an application. 

1.)  SITE PLAN and instructions.  Please review and complete a site plan before starting any online application.

2.)  BUILDING PLAN and instructions.  Please review and complete a building plan before starting any online building application.

REQUIRED BY REQUEST. Documents listed below are situational and will only be required for upload upon request.
3.) Well and Septic Approval
4.) Property Access Permit or Affidavit.
5.) Property Survey. *In rare occasions a request can be made to provide a legal survey of property to complete a permit application.  This request will only be made after review of your site plan, when the location of a property line and a setback distance cannot otherwise be verified through normal means.