Electric Aggregation

06/16/2016 NOTICE NEW OPTIONS TO SAVE MONEY ON YOUR ELECTRIC BILL for Community Residents and Small Business. Does not apply to Jo-Carroll Electric service area.

  1. stay with the current plan and see what the new rate will be next June as we expect it to move up by at least .5 cents/kwh due to the increase in capacity costs that have already been established 3 years out.
  2. move back to Com Ed at the new lower rate and we will review next May as then they could move back to their Community Aggregation plan. If customers go back to ComEd, they have to stay there for a minimum of 6 months before they could re-enroll into the community program.
  3. select their own supplier from the ICC listing: https://www.pluginillinois.org/offers.aspx?said=1&ob=3 55 listed suppliers with over 90 offers. It is up to each resident and small business to make their choice individually and neither the Community nor Rock River Energy Services, by contract law should advise or recommend to them what choice to make. It is the resident’s final decision.

Carroll County has a unique opportunity to lower your individual electrical energy rate if you live outside of a municipality and are in the ComEd service territory.  People in other municipalities such as Milledgeville, Lanark and Shannon have completed their programs and are now saving an average of approximately $250 per year.  Carroll County unincorporated residents passed their referendum in the General Election in the Fall of 2012 and will have choices available for these residents and small businesses around April of 2013. 

 Over 300 Illinois communities have completed this process over the last few years and are now saving on the energy portion of their electric bill.  These communities include several of our neighboring municipalities outside of Carroll County.

 You will not be required to participate in the new program.  Every unincorporated resident who does not already have an alternate supplier will receive a letter with the opportunity to “opt out” of the new program and stay with the utility as the energy supplier or select their own supplier.  It’s important to remember that your electric bill and service will still be provided by the utility company.

Municipalities, townships, and counties throughout Illinois may now aggregate (pool together) the electric load of its residents to seek bids for lower electric supply rates from suppliers other than ComEd.  This has come about because of the deregulation of the electric market by the State of Illinois.

 The goal is to secure lower electric supply rates for residents and small businesses in the unincorporated county areas in the ComEd service territory.

There will be no change to your billing.  Your current utility company will continue to send your monthly bill.  They will still deliver the electricity and you will still call ComEd for service and outages.

Additional information about Carroll County considering buying electricity in bulk to save its residents and small businesses money can be obtained by calling our aggregation consultant, Rock River Energy Services, at 815-732-4603.

Carroll County Board and the Chairman of the County Board

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