Electric Aggregation

On 9-20-2023 the Carroll County Board selected mc2 as the new supplier for the County Electrical Aggregation Program for Residents and Small businesses.

The old, contracted rate of $0.06158 with Dynegy from April of 2021 to April of 2024 was ending and needed to be replaced. 

The Board selected mc2 out of Chicago as they were the lowest cost supplier at that time for a 20-month contract at the rate of $0.0695 cents.

At that time, the ComEd price to compare was $0.06872, but that was a fall rate.  ComEd’s rates float with the market and the rates ending in June of 2023 were over 10 cents per kwhr. (See Illinois Commerce Commission {ICC} website or ComEd bills will show that rate to compare on each bill.)

The Board felt that that rate was prudent.  Customers have the choice of opting out when the supplier sends out the letters in the February to March time frame, also they can opt out when they receive their “switch” letter from ComEd.  Customers may switch out at any time during the contract period if they want with no termination fees. 

The number for mc2 will be on the letters as well as be on the ComEd bill.  Also, the monthly ComEd rate to compare is also on the bills.

The Board also thought that a new contract still provided customers with a 3rd choice.  Customers can choose to stay on ComEd, they can stay on the County rate, or they can choose their own 3rd party supplier.

This rate unlike ComEd or other possible suppliers will remain the same from April 2024 through December 2025.

Carroll County has had a supplier for the Electrical Aggregation program since 2013 and this is their 5th contact with an ICC approved supplier since that time.   Customers on the County Electrical Aggregation Program have saved on the energy portion of their bills on every contract.  Traditionally, there has been a majority of eligible ComEd customers that have been and remain on the program since inception.

Residents voted on the General election on November 6th 2012 to authorize the County to create and start an Electrical Aggregation Program for the unincorporated portions of Carroll County that was served by ComEd.  The 1st of 5 contracts started in 2013.

The ICC also has a website “Plug In Illinois” Plugin Illinois which explains the program and you can see other supplier options these as well as an explanation of the program.  There are also historic ComEd prices to compare.

Customers can also be on community solar and on the County rate.  If customers have their own solar behind their meter, they now can also be on the County rate.  If customers change over to ComEd or to a different supplier, the credits on their solar with ComEd will follow their accounts where in the past this was lost.  For reference, the Green Team number is (800) 825-5436. 

Customers also can give Rock River Energy Services a call at their office number of 815 732-4603 or directly to Mike Mudge at 815 751-8825 to discuss their specific concerns and/or options.


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