County Ordinances

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Title VI Statement

The County of Carroll operates its programs and services without regard to race, color, and national origin in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. Any person who believes she or he has been aggrieved by any unlawful discriminatory practice under Title VI may file a complaint with the County of Carroll.

For more information on the County of Carroll's civil rights program, and the procedures to file a complaint, contact the County Administrator’s Office at 815-244-0228 or view our personnel Code Chapter 60 grievance polices section in the code book below.

A complainant may also file a complaint directly with the Federal Transit
Administration by filing a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights
Attention: Title V1 Program Coordinator, East Building, 5'" Floor-TCR,
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE, Washington, DC 20590
~ information is needed in another language, contact 800-555-1212.
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County Ordinances50 documents

County Ordinances50 documents

  • Comprehensive Plan
    document seq 0.00
  • Chapter 10-County Board Reapportionment
    document seq 10.00
  • Chapter 20-County Board Procedure
    document seq 20.00
  • Chapter 30-Ethics
    document seq 30.00
  • Chapter 50-County Employee Pay & Benefits
    document seq 50.00
  • Chapter 60- Personnel Code
    document seq 60.00
  • Chapter 70-County Real Property
    document seq 70.00
  • Chapter 80-County Personal Property
    document seq 80.00
  • Chapter 90-Competitve Bidding-Alternative Fuels
    document seq 90.00
  • Chapter 95-Procurement Policy
    document seq 95.00
  • Chapter 120-Real Estate Tranfer Tax
    document seq 120.00
  • Chapter 140-Property Tax Abatement
    document seq 140.00
  • Chapter 141-Retail Sales Tax Rebates
    document seq 141.00
  • Chapter 150-Retailers Occupation Tax for Public Safety
    document seq 150.00
  • Chapter 155-County Cannabis Retailers' Occupation Tax
    document seq 155.00
  • Chapter 170-GIS Resolution Recording Fee
    document seq 170.10
  • Chapter 171-County Clerk and Recorder Fees
    document seq 171.00
  • Chapter 310-Alcoholic Beverages
    document seq 310.00
  • Chapter 320-Raffle & Poker Run License
    document seq 320.00
  • Raffle Application 2023
    document seq 325.00
  • Chapter 330-Dance Halls
    document seq 330.00
  • Chapter 335-Private Sewage Disposal
    document seq 335.00
  • Chapter 340-Water Supplies
    document seq 340.00
  • Chapter 345-Food Sanitation Ordinance
    document seq 345.00
  • Chapter 350-Fireworks
    document seq 350.00
  • Chapter 360-Building Regulations
    document seq 360.00
  • Chapter 380-Animals
    document seq 380.00
  • Chapter 390-Permits For Recreational Activities
    document seq 390.00
  • Chapter 395-Racing & Vehicle Recreational Activities
    document seq 395.00
  • Chapter 410-Emergency Telephone System Board
    document seq 410.00
  • Chapter 411-County Board & ETSB Cost Sharing
    document seq 411.00
  • Chapter 420-Community Mental Health Board
    document seq 420.00
  • Chapter 440-Hotel-Motel Tax Board
    document seq 440.00
  • Chapter 450-JoCarroll Solid Waste Agency
    document seq 450.00
  • Chapter 460-Consortium Agreement
    document seq 460.00
  • Chapter 480-Jo-Carroll Depot LRA
    document seq 480.00
  • Chapter 610-Pollution Control Facility Siting
    document seq 610.00
  • Chapter 611-Moring Disposal Transfer Station
    document seq 611.00
  • Chapter 700-Zoning
    document seq 700.00
  • Chapter 705-Signs
    document seq 705.00
  • Chapter 710-Planned Unit Development Districts
    document seq 710.00
  • Chapter 715-Mobile Homes
    document seq 715.00
  • Chapter 720-Flood Plain Regulations
    document seq 720.00
  • Chapter 725-Commercial Solar
    document seq 725.00
  • Chapter 730-Subdivisions
    document seq 730.00
  • Chapter 735-Adult Use Cannabis Special Use
    document seq 735.00
  • Chapter 740-Inoperable Motor Vehicles
    document seq 740.00
  • Chapter 745-Guest Home License
    document seq 745.10
  • Chapter 750-Commercial Wind
    document seq 750.00
  • Chapter 800-County Highways and Roads Official
    document seq 800.00